Saturday, April 17th, 2010

- 1 big banana pancake at Wannabee’s Diner, with a smear of butter and a drizzle of syrup, plus 2 mugs green tea (600 calories?) It came with two pancakes but these pancakes were the size of my face! So I only felt it was necessary to eat one :)

– 2 mugs green and white mint tea, plus homemade vegan rice krispie squares (300 calories) I used a mixture of puffed wheat and puffed kamut, and used almond butter instead of peanut butter, and omitted the dried fruit.

– 1 mug green and white mint tea, plus 1/2 apple (50 calories)

– Steamed cauliflower/carrots/water chestnuts/snow peas/broccoli with freshly ground black pepper, plus 2 homemade turkey burgers grilled on the George Foreman topped with homemade ketchup: I mixed lean ground turkey meat with ground flax, wheat germ, and homemade ketchup, and then formed them into patties (300 calories)

– 2 slices Tall Grass Prairie whole wheat bread, toasted and topped with almond butter and Stella’s jam, plus 2 glasses water (350 calories)

–  1 mug white tea (0 calories)

– Vegan “beef” stirfry with rice and vegetables, homemade by the boyfriend, plus 1 glass red wine (500 calories)


Total calories: 2,100

Exercise: 1 hour 30 minutes walking plus hours of boxing up my apartment, and carrying said boxes to other rooms within the apartment… that’s gotta count for some kind of exercise, right? :)

Sleep: 8-9 hours

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